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FedEx Institute of Technology

Creating Enterprise-Wide Training Solutions in Emerging Technologies

The FedEx Institute of Technology is here to help your business succeed, with a global team of industry experts that can address the biggest challenges facing corporations in the digital age.


Learn about each of our training options and how they can help your organization grow.

Professionally Certified Courses

FedEx Insitute of Technology Business People

The FedEx Institute of Technology is a nationally recognized technology innovation and workforce development leader. Our training options are available for all skill levels, including online and in-person training, and custom course development for organizations of all sizes. Contact us to develop a workforce solution for your team.

Innovation Hub

Is your workforce prepared for the digital age? Position your business for success.

In today's competitive market, businesses that prioritize corporate training gain a strategic edge. By staying ahead of industry developments and ensuring your team possesses cutting-edge skills, you position your company as an industry leader, attracting top talent and establishing a reputation for excellence. Corporate training is a strategic investment that not only empowers your employees but also propels your business toward sustained success. At the FedEx Institute of Technology, our job is to provide the training to get you there.

Core Training Areas

Explore the robust capabilities of Microsoft 365, where participants gain in-depth knowledge of data management, collaboration, and productivity tools integral to modern business operations. Additionally, our PowerBI training goes beyond the basics, offering a detailed exploration of this powerful business analytics tool.


Elevate your team's data analysis capabilities, ensuring they are well-versed in the intricacies of Microsoft 365 and PowerBI for enhanced productivity and strategic decision support.

Data Analysis & Microsoft 365

Designed to empower professionals for the challenges of today's dynamic business landscape, our specialized offerings are courses in Business Agility and Business Architecture.

Our cybersecurity training is meticulously crafted to enhance the resilience of businesses against evolving threats.


Dive into the transformative realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with our cutting-edge courses, arming professionals with AI for strategic business advantages.

Enterprise-wide Skillset

Our comprehensive corporate training portfolio encompasses a diverse array of programming languages tailored to meet the evolving needs of professionals. Among our offerings are immersive courses in Python, SQL, R, and Java.

For those seeking to explore the cutting edge of digital innovation, our Intensive Virtual Reality (VR) training provides a deep dive into the creation of immersive and interactive experiences.

Programming Languages

Embark on a comprehensive professional development journey focusing on SAFe and Scaled Agile methodologies. Choose from specialized courses like SAFe Architect, SAFe Lean Portfolio Management, and SAFe Program Consultant. Hone your skills in SAFe Software Engineering and explore various Agile domains such as Foundations, Coaching, Finance, Product Management, Release Management, and Software Testing.


Our programs empower teams with the knowledge for successful SAFe and Agile implementation across organizational functions.

SAFe & Agile

Immerse your team in the principles of Design Thinking, where they will cultivate a collaborative and innovative mindset to tackle complex challenges. Our DevSecOps training provides a deep dive into the integration of development, security, and operations, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and secure software delivery.


Elevate communication and leadership skills through our Impactful Training & Speaking program, designed to empower participants to articulate ideas effectively and inspire positive change. 

Team Building

Climb to Success: 

How our training solutions can work for your business

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Corporate Training Strategy


Our overarching strategy across all training modules is anchored in a meticulous consideration of your corporation's unique perspective.


Leveraging a global network of industry professionals, we impart comprehensive knowledge spanning diverse domains, from cybersecurity to cutting-edge technologies like AI. Our courses are designed to stand independently, or we can collaboratively construct a customized training plan tailored to your organization's specific requirements. This adaptable approach ensures participants receive targeted training precisely where it is most impactful, aligning with your organization's evolving needs.


Corporate Training Execution

Here, we understand that in a world that changes at the speed of light, innovation isn't a luxury. It's an urgent necessity.

It's not easy. It takes new ways of thinking, new approaches to workforce development, and the cultivation of new enterprise cultures that are agile and adaptive.

And it takes a partner that can leverage the experience of large enterprise transformation and world-class research in emerging technologies to build contextualized training solutions for your entire company.

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Federal Agencies


By the Numbers

It’s all about a dialogue

A few words from our clients. 

FIT is a restless innovator always looking for ways to make Memphis more competitive. The facility is world-class; the faculty and staff show an energetic commitment to learning and teaching that makes any idea we explore possible.

Sean O'Brien,
Vice President of Education, SAS

The FedEx Institute of Technology is an innovator in the training space and we are excited to be a part of their cutting-edge initiatives that are transforming enterprise education.

Tushar Singh
CEO, Minute School

U.S. Department of Defense
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Hilton Hotel & Resorts

A Few of Our Clients

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