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Design Thinking

Welcome to the transformative world of Design Thinking, an engaging and hands-on training course designed to equip you with the skills to tackle real-world challenges through the lens of human empathy. This course is not just about theory; it's a dynamic journey led by collaborative multidisciplinary teams.



3 Days

Program Length

Upcoming Session

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8:00AM - 4:30 PM

(Central Time Zone)

By Reservation Only

Course Overview

Throughout this immersive experience, you will embark on a series of activities that will expand your understanding and proficiency in Design Thinking:

Visualizing Complexity:

  • Engage in the dynamic process of exploring complex ecosystems. Utilize both traditional whiteboards and cutting-edge online collaborative tools to visually map out intricate landscapes.

Analyzing Challenges:

  • Delve into challenges that prompt you to analyze how products or processes operate in the real world. Gain insights into the inner workings of these systems to identify areas for improvement.

Prototyping Collaboration:

  • Collaborate with your team to construct prototypes that allow you to tangibly examine and test the functionality of products or processes. This hands-on approach enables you to envision evolution and improvement possibilities.

Design Thinking Immersion:

  • Immerse yourself in the design thinking process. Through interactive exercises and practical applications, you will become deeply familiar with the core principles and methodologies that drive successful design thinking.

Real-World Problem Solving:

  • Apply the design thinking process to real problems. This course isn't just about theoretical concepts; it's about translating these principles into actionable solutions. Identify problems, generate innovative ideas, and present practical solutions grounded in the design thinking mindset.

Aligned with the esteemed Stanford model of design thinking, this course is not just a learning opportunity; it's a catalyst for change in your approach to problem-solving. You will gain valuable strategies and outcome-based solutions that can be directly implemented in your current job, empowering you to make a tangible impact. Welcome to the future of problem-solving through Design Thinking!

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No Upcoming Session?

All training classes are NONREFUNDABLE within 14 days of the training’s scheduled start date.


Attendees who wish to cancel within the 14-day nonrefundable period will need to email Rami Lotay ( and give a detailed explanation as to why they cannot possibly attend.


Attendees may still be liable for payment in full pending review from our staff.

Cancellation Policy
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